Geoff Olson is a Vancouver writer and graphic artist. His work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, The National Post, Maclean's, Adbusters, The Georgia Straight and This Magazine. He is a regular cartoonist and writer for Common Ground magazine and The Vancouver Courier, and has supplied commentary to both CBC Radio and CBC NewsWorld. Olson's article series, The Deadly Spins, has been used as course content of several US and Canadian colleges, and his Common Ground essay on malls appears in the 4th Canadian edition of the Mcgraw-Hill textbook, Sociology. He has taught astronomy at the Gordon Southam Observatory and the Vancouver School System. One of his most memorable acheivements was behind the wheel of his long-gone Fiat, when he led the federal Rhinoceros Party motorcade through the streets of Vancouver with a police motorcycle escort.